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Great concerts in Amsterdam

Posted in Uncategorized by greatmusicvideos on 25/03/2010

Amsterdam is a great place to find outstanding concert. Unlike any other Dutch cities it has a schedule full of interesting events.  Even when there is nothing going on in Rotterdam, Delft or any other spot in Holland Amsterdam is the place where you will not be bored – it is not possible.  Any travel guide will tell you that.  So why wait – try it out. The cool thing is dozens of visitors have already figured this out. It works. Well, now you can make every  better than the last and get more pleasure out of every trip to Amsterdam – by tapping into the very best advice, recommendations.

You’re always discovering new places and venues because Amsterdams so big anddifferent types of music as it is very diverse. People are always trying to make things happen in a good sense. Thats what Holland is all about. Believe me!

If you don’t want to get lost you should use a decent travel guide to plan your trip to Amsterdam. Playing guitar in the middle of the street does happen but usuallu you will need an address of a decent venue. Two most popular ones are Paradiso and Melkweg but there are also others that are hidden in the dense net of Amsterdam’s streets and canals. A map can also come in handy.



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